About Us

Cellwood Machinery

Cellwood Machinery has a long tradition within the pulp and paper industry and is one of the worlds leading company for equipment for dispersing of waste paper. The company was founded in 1913. Cellwood understood at an early stage that the raw material situation would drastically change. Development of the dispersing system began in the end of the 60’s and the first Krima Dispersing System was delivered in 1973 to a mill in Italy.
Now we have over 500 systems in operation. The total quantity of waste paper pulp processed through all Krima Dispersing Systems world wide is over 90 000 tons per day.


Cellwood Machinery’s concept is to develop, design, manufacture and market high-tech machinery and complete systems adapted to suit the needs of customers in the pulp and paper industry across the world for the environmentally friendly processing of pulp and the recycling of waste paper, and manage after sales including training, start up, service and spare parts supply.
Cellwood Machinery develop, manufacture and market machines and systems for the pulp- and paper industries all over the world.

We are known for our brand products Krima and Grubbens. Cellwood Machinery AB is located in Nässjö, Sweden where we also have our Recycling Technology Centre RTC.


100 years of development

In 1913 Kristdala Motorfabrik was started for the manufacturing of hot bulb engines. Such engines were very common for example in farming, on fishing-boats and at sawmills during the first half of the 20th century.

50 years ago the company changed focus. The production and the development of the machine that has become our successful disperser started, at the same time the company moved to Nässjö. In 1972 we changed name to Cellwood Machinery AB.


Cellwood is a family owned company which consists of Cellwood Machinery AB, Söderhamn Eriksson, Simson and AB Bruzaholms Bruk. We have approximately 320 employees and have an annual turnover of EUR 65 million.

Söderhamn Eriksson: www.se-saws.com
Simson: www.simsonpowertools.se
Bruzaholm: www.bruzabruk.se