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Oct 10 2014

SWEDCHAM will be present at ELMIA Subcontractors fair in Jönköping, on 11 – 14 November 2014

Swedcham will be present at ELMIA Subcontractors fair in Jönköping, on 11 – 14 November 2014

At the fair SWEDCHAM will represent the members among which AVERSA, EDIL VAL CONSTRUCT, CONEXPERT, EASTMAN IMPEX SRL, TRAVELART SRL, ELTEM SRL, TOYOTA Material Handling Romania, Alma Lux Lightning, Butan Grup, Centrul Teritorial De Calcul Electronic – Piatra Neamt, Point Consulting, Power Net Consulting, UMEB, OPTIMEDIA and others, will be present on our stand and information packages will be presented to the visitors.

What is ELMIA SUBCONTRACTORS? The way is described by the organizers themselves is clear enough.









Aim for new business – thousands are waiting for you!

Judging by the statistics from our surveys, there is a strong appetite for what the subcontractors have to offer. Seven out of 10 visitors were interested in buying products or services they had found at the fair, and one in three had already discussed firm projects with exhibitors during the fair.

Exhibiting at Elmia Subcontractor is doubtlessly a smart investment, and an effective way of marketing your company and products. Here you can meet a great many potential customers in a short space of time. They are actively looking for new suppliers and are open to offers. Last year more than 15,300 visitors and about 1,200 exhibiting companies gathered in the exhibition halls. Quite simply, it’s a huge melting-pot for future business.

Come and visit our booth between November 11 and 14!

Jul 17 2014

SWEDCHAM has entered into a partnership with the CNPR – The Romanian Employers’ Confederation.

Bucharest July 14, 2014

Press Release

On July 14 2014, SWEDCHAM has entered into a partnership with the CNPR – The Romanian Employers’ Confederation.

The CEO of the Romanian Employers’ Confederation, Mr. Alexandru Bojan and SWEDCHAM’s founder, Mr. Julian Rosengren signed the partnership agreement.

Aimed to enrich and enlarge the wide opportunities already offered to the members of the two organizations, the partnership will create new openings ready to be accessed by our members.

All the 6513 companies, members of the Romanian Employers’ Confederation will be offered membership in SWEDCHAM and access to all the opportunities currently available only to the members of SWEDCHAM.

New business channels and opportunities for the members of the two organizations will result and the turnover of the transactions between companies in the two countries will increase.

SWEDCHAM and the Romanian Employers’ Confederation will create and develop common projects aimed to result in benefits for their members who periodically will be updated with news and business opportunities.

The organizations will offer access to a new Business-to-Business platform, CHAMBERTRADE, developed and maintained by SWEDCHAM, capable to offer access to sophisticated information about companies, products, services and new opportunities available to members of our organizations.
With probably the most accurate database of Swedish and Romanian companies, CHAMBERTRADE will become a dynamic tool for the development of new businesses.

Welcome to SWEDCHAM and the Romanian Employers’ Confederation!



Jun 29 2014

Press release: The first year with SWEDCHAM in just few words and numbers

For 14 months ago we opened the office in Bucharest.

On the 1st of April 2013 our office was opened for the public and members and we officially started our operations in Romania.

Looking back with pride we can see a number of major achievements giving our members and our team the feeling that united we can do more, that bridging the businesses is not a simple slogan but is a way of acting and achieving great results.

During this first year our members concluded business deals in excess of 60 000 000 EURO.

We have developed a network of businesses in Romania in Sweden not only concluding great business together but also enjoying the benefits offered mutually by the members to each other.

Our members are covering major segments of the economic life both in Sweden and Romania.

Our members are employing over 600 000 individuals creating an amazing network of welfare for their employees and their families.

The yearly turnover of our members is in excess of EURO 225 000 000.

Few words. Simple numbers. Great results!

Thank you all!


Jun 11 2014

Eveniment de interes pentru companii si intreprinzatori

Extreme Training organizează un eveniment de excepție!
Întâlnirea cu adevăratul lup de pe Wall Street

Personajul real interpretat de Leonardo DiCaprio în Lupul de pe Wall Street vine în România la invitația Extreme Training.

El va prezenta celebrul sistem Straight Line Persuasion.

Sistemul creat de Jordan, Straight Line Persuasion, este conceput astfel încât să alinieze forța necesară pentru generarea succesului în orice mediu de afaceri.
Vei învăța elementele cheie care guvernează afacerile și persuasiunea, precum și strategiile și tehnicile specifice necesare pentru a construi, gestiona, promova și crește în mod eficient compania la cel mai înalt nivel.

Detalii despre eveniment si oferta speciala mai jos.

Organizator : Extreme Training
Invitat: Adevaratul Lup de pe Wall Street, Jordan Belfort
Tema: Negociere, Influențare, Persuasiune (Straight Line Persuasion)
Data: 18 noiembrie 2014
Reduceri de preț: 150€/persoana (pana la data de 15 iunie folosind codul LUPUL în formularul de înscriere)

Detalii complete despre eveniment și înscrieri cu reducere aici: http://www.traininguri.ro/belfort
La înscriere in rubrica cupon scrieți LUPUL si se va activa automat reducerea de 150 EUR.

May 30 2014

Partner News – ARBIO Inauguration News


Dear BioEnergy friends,

With less than 3 weeks before ARBIO Inauguration, the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas (ARBIO) is about to finalize the list of top level speakers that will offer us concrete information during our event, on June 18th.

  1. Mr. Mircea Geoana, High Representative of the Government speaker at ARBIO InaugurationToday we are honored to announce the presence of Mr. Mircea Geoana, High Representative of the Government for economical projects and Diplomacy. Mr. Geoana is ex Ambassador of Romania in the USA and a well-known politician. He is also the founding member and President of the Aspen Institute Romania and member of the board of Aspen Institute US, Aspen Italia and Aspen Germany.Mr. Geoana is someone who knows well the importance of the Biomass / Biogas sector for the Romanian economy. He started his professional activity in the energetic sector, as a construction engineer.

  2. Energy Crops: ARBIO works with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. ARBIO is very interested in the adjustment of the legal frame for cultivation of energy crops to European standards. We are happy to inform you that we continue our collaboration for this subject (and many more) with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Next week we will have a new meeting with their team of experts for this issue.For ARBIO members: Any member who wishes to join such meetings is welcome, by informing us about his intention and the expertise he will bring in our team

  3. ARBIO present at the European BioEnergy Conference organized by AEBIOM

    ARBIO participated at the European BioEnergy Conference, organized in Brussels, between 13 and 14 of May, by AEBIOM. In order to effectively promote the Romanian BioEnergy sector, we also held 2 short speeches to inform different panels and audiences regarding Romania’s potential.

    1. Meetings with European Officials

      Also ARBIO met in Brussels with representatives of DG Agriculture, DG Enterprise and Industry, DG Energy and DG Environment, plus a representative of the European Commission, a member of cabinet of Commissioner for Energy Mr Gunter Oettinger and more European decision makers, discussing about the priority of Biomass sector in the EU strategy towards 2030 and how Romania can become an important regional producer and hub as part of Europe’s strategy. ARBIO message to European officials was a positive one focusing on what can be done from now on and on the good collaboration ARBIO has with the Romanian Government and the Independent Institutions. All authorities expressed their will to support the Romanian Biomass sector and after the new structure of European Commission will be clarified, we will proceed in concrete actions.

    2. Topics of discussion

      During the 2 days conference, tens of top speakers tackled subjects of high interest for all participants. Among the subjects of discussion and debate, the following were of great importance:

      • European domestic market, trends and opportunities

      • EU policies challenges

      • Wood material supply and demand for the EU wood processing industry

      • Biomass sustainability

      • Vision for a coherent sustainability framework for biomass

      • Bioenergy developments, a challenge for sustainable forest management?

      • Market trend of energy wood chips market in Europe

      For ARBIO members: We have all presentations of AEBIOM conference. Let us know which one(s) are of interest and we will send them to you so as to be informed in detail. Contact us at +4 0213 086 271 or mariana.godina@arbio.ro

Best regards,

May 23 2014

Pressrelease: New opportunities in the Romanian Biomass and Biogas sector



New opportunities in the Romanian Biomass and Biogas sector

On the 7th of May the Romanian Department of Energy published the first set of principles which will be the basis of the new national energy strategy for the period 2014 – 2035. For the first time, it is clearly stated that “in the period 2014 – 2024 Romania has to encourage the prudent development of renewable energy sources, with emphasis on Biomass”.

On June 18th the future of the Biomass and Biogas sector in Romania will be presented, during the Inauguration of the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas. This major event will be held in Bucharest, at Hilton hotel. Speakers who already confirmed are:

  • Mr. Daniel Constantin, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Mr. Eugen Teodorovici, Minister of European Funds

  • Mr. Mircea Geoana, High Representative of the Prime Minister for problems of Economy and Diplomacy & President of Aspen Institute Romania

  • Dr. Jan Štambaský, President of the European Biogas Association

  • Mr. Ludger Spohr, President of the European Industry of Pellet Suppliers

  • Mr. Dan Ioan Gheorghiu, Advisor of the Prime Minister, CEO & Chairman of ISPE

  • Mr. Emil Calota, Vice President of ANRE (National Regulator)

  • Mr. Mihai Herciu, General Director of the Management Authority for PNDR

It is an “Investor Oriented” event, responding to investors’ questions. Already 40+ investors and 10+ municipalities have confirmed their presence.

The participants will receive answers to their questions and the Impact Study that ARBIO has prepared, regarding the results of Biomass implementation in Romania, plus more informative material.

What does the Government’s decision mean for the Biomass sector

By prioritizing the Biomass sector, the Romanian government prepares the ground for the solid, sustainable development of Biomass and Biogas in Romania, avoiding the mistakes of the past. This approach is similar to the one of the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas, which considers Biomass and Pellets, Biogas, Waste to Energy, Anaerobic Digestion, Geothermal etc. as the solution to the serious Cogeneration and Environment challenges that Romania is facing nowadays.

Available raw material and problems that require solutions

Some facts can explain more. The country has the necessary raw material sources:

  • Romania benefits of 14 mil. Hectares of agricultural land

  • 7 mil hectares of forests exist as well

  • Also 0,5 mil hectares of non-productive land are suitable for the cultivation of energy crops

  • Circa 4 million tons of urban waste is produced annually, 189 kg / capita

 In the same time:

  • More than 50% of the Romanian cities need to invest in their inefficient district heating Combined Heat & Power (CHP) units

  • There are also 101 issues regarding waste management at municipal level that have to be resolved before the term given by EC expires

  • Also tens of Romanian companies (especially exporters) have to comply to EU standards regarding waste management.

  • Very serious amounts of EU Grants will be allocated in different national programs so as to stimulate investments in Biomass, Biogas, Pellets etc.

The Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas (ARBIO) considers that the solution for all the above is the implementation of different Biomass / Biogas / WtE / Anaerobic Digestion projects, with priority to Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

 In order to secure the sustainability of the income, ARBIO has elaborated well argumented proposals which:

  • Take into consideration the Department of Energy’s suggestion for contracts of price difference;

  • Sustain the Feed in Tariff scheme, sent to European Commission by ANRE, the Romanian Regulator;

  • Propose a revolutionary “market driven” solution without green certificates

The Romanian Biomass and Biogas sector will offer new opportunities to investors, creating a market of at least 500 million Euros for the years to come.

For more information: office@arbio.ro or +40 21 308 62 71



May 20 2014

Pressrelease: Long term business agreement between Romanian & Swedish companies

BUCHAREST – VISBY, 19th of May 2014




SWEDCHAM is pleased to announce another major success in bridging the businesses between Swedish and Romanian companies, and bridging the relations between the two countries closer to each other.

Habo Gummiprodukter AB  a well known company in the Swedish rubber market has reached a long term agreement with a large Romanian company, ARTEGO SA a well-known manufacturer in the same industrial segment of Romania and SWEDCHAM’s latest member.

ARTEGO is the biggest manufacturer of conveyor belts in ROMANIA and one of the largest producers of technical rubber goods in the world.

ARTEGOA SA has been a major supplier on the rubber market for over 40 years. The company was founded in 1973 on the northern industrial platform of Targu-Jiu city.

75% of the company’s shares are owned by the employees, more than 1200, of this industrial giant, the remaining 25% being owned by other shareholders.

Since the last quarter of 2013, an intensive program of creating a common work platform for the Swedish, Habo Gummiprodukter AB and ARTEGO SA has been initiated and resulted in a commercial agreement of providing the Swedish market with high quality rubber products manufactured and delivered by ARTEGO SA.

This will result in new opportunities in the region, creating new openings for subcontractors and vendors of services and products.

The newly formed relation will offer new job for Romanian workers and companies bringing new financial resources through tax incomes.

An expected business volume of up to 10% of ARTEGO’s yearly sales level, is expected to be achieved through the new relation between the two companies.

SWEDCHAM has been the initiator and provider of support to the agreement and is proud to add a new finalized project to the list of already successfully closed deals between Romanian and Swedish companies.

May 12 2014

Press Release on the Swedish – Romanian – Saudi Arabian joint Venture

Bucharest – Stockholm 12th of May 2014

Following the joint venture agreement between the Swedish company, Stockholm Vind AB and the Romanian partner, Petroconstruct Group SRL, a meeting between the two parties and Stockholm Vind AB’s partner from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al Asfer Est., a joint meeting has been held in Istanbul, Turkey between the 6th and 9th of May 2014.

IstanbulThe meeting laid the grounds for the start of the building project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be executed by the parties where the Saudi partner is the main contractor.

The estimated value of the first project to be executed by Petroconstruct Group SRL, a 100% Romanian owned company together with its partners, is of 54 million € during the 2014 and next fiscal years.

The project will start during the next few months and will bring new jobs for a large number of individuals as well as new businesses and opportunities for suppliers and subcontractors of Petroconstruct Group SRL as well as tax revenues for Romania.

Feb 20 2014

SWEDCHAM has formed a new partnership with KOMPASS ROMANIA SRL

BUCHAREST 20th of February 2014


SWEDCHAM is pleased to announce that is has entered into a partnership with Kompass Romania SRL, the Romanian representative of Kompass the world leader in delivering business information to companies in over 70 countries around the world.

Today the 20th of February 2014 it has been signed in Bucharest, the partnership agreement between SWEDCHAM and Kompass Romania SRL.

The new formed partnership will add high value services to companies and businesses in Romania and Sweden, increasing the wide opportunities and services offered to the existing members of SWEDCHAM and to the customers of Kompass Romania SRL.

The Partnership will provide members and customers of the parties with new opportunities in the covered area of services and business.

This will results in new opportunities for suppliers and buyers of services and products in the covered countries.

The Partnership will offer among other services access to the B2B services of Kompass Romania SRL and will develop and launch new products and opportunities for SWEDCHAM’s members as well as for existing and new customers of Kompass Romania.


For Kompass Romania SRL

Homepage: http://www.kompass.ro/ro/home/

Email: office (at) kompass.ro


Email: info (at) swedcham.org

Jan 11 2014

New Joint Venture signed between Swedish and Romanian Companies

BUCHAREST 10th of January 2014


SWEDCHAM is pleased to announce one of the most important Joint Venture project signed between a Swedish group of company and a Romanian Consortium with the purpose of providing building services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday the 10th of January 2014 has been signed in Bucharest, the Joint Venture Agreement between Stockholm Vind AB, a Swedish company, contractor of several large sized building projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a Romanian consortium of companies under the leadership of S.C. Petroconstruct GROUP S.R.L as General Contractor.

The new formed Joint Venture will participate and engage in various building projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the next five years.

The projects will provide the parties with new opportunities in the region, thus creating new opportunities for subcontractors and vendors of services and products.

The Joint Venture will offer new job for Romanian workers and companies thus bringing new financial resources through tax incomes.

SWEDCHAM has been the initiator and provider of support to the Joint Venture and is proud to add a new finalized project to the list already successfully closed deals between Romanian and Swedish companies.


For Petroconstruct Group SRL

Homepage: http://www.swedcham.org/petroconstruct-group/

Email: office (at) petroconstrctgroup.ro

For Stockholm Vind AB

Mr. Carl-Johan Hästesko, Legal Representative

Email: hastesko (at) me.com