Legislative Software

About Us

The company has a long history in legislative software and long term relationships with clients. All these aspects are clear advantages of giving the company a market development.

    The Company’s main activities are related to:

  • Legislative Software – mark LEGIS, EUROLEGIS, EUROJURISPRUDENTA
  • The design of computer systems in the economic management undertakings, state institutions and public administration (GESCON, PERSAL, SIMEC, ADMIN)
  • The organization of databases, access services databases;
  • Making “turnkey” systems for various fields of use of computers;
  • Automatic data processing services;
  • Technical assistance in the implementation, maintenance and use of the base software and applications;
  • Service and maintenance for computers and its auxiliary equipment;
  • Training and specialization in computer science, modern office equipment, accounting and so on;
  • Documentations and research in computer science;
  • Trading computers and supplies;
  • Web design.

By using CTCE can become our collaborator on multiple levels and will assure you of our availability and timeliness.

So far we have a total of 8000 beneficiaries: public and state institutions, ministries, companies, joint ventures and foreign companies, banks, law firms and consultants, chambers of commerce, county councils, local firms consulting and audit etc.

Of these allow us to remember: Romanian Presidency, the Ministry of Interior, Serviciul Roman de Informatii with all subsidiaries, Inspectia Muncii with all territorial subunits, Casa Nationala de Pensii with all subunits in the country, SC Romtelecom SA with all 41 county directorates, BRD-Groupe Societe Generale, the Romanian Post all county units, the National Customs Authority, TRANSGAZ, law firms and legal advice, etc.