About Us

MyTrip Travel i Helsingborg

Our vision is to contribute to people’s lifestyles, society, and the economy through our service. In upholding this vision, we have always focused on the future of the tourist industry.

Our mission is to give our clients an opportunity to share bright moments of their lives with relatives and friends by discovering world’s most interesting places and enjoying exciting cultures of different continents.

We develop strong and lasting relationships with many travel agencies, in these efforts customers remain our first priority. To supply them with the best services and prices available we cooperate with more than 100 airlines, 1000 hotels, numerous car rental companies and tour operators throughout the world. We work closely with our clients to meet their most rigorous requirements for optimizing itineraries and reducing travel expenses.

My Trip – A company guided by its values

A holiday trip to Mallorca. And another holiday trip to Majorca… On the face of it, not much of a difference. But there is. We can promise you. We call it the MyTrip spirit and it’s present in everything we do.
Whether our three value words – respect, competence and energy – are the result of the MyTrip spirit or vice versa doesn’t really matter.

All that matters is that for you, the customer, these three words clearly permeate every aspect of our operation. And for those of us who work here every day, they form the basis of our relationship with you. We are convinced that this creates good communication which, in turn, results in good things for everyone.

Confidence and added value

Short or long trip, spa or sport, adventure or sun and sea, alone or in a group? Not only do we have the widest range of products in the travel sector, we also cooperate with the best suppliers in the industry. This is not only because they provide an excellent, well-proven range of offers but also because they work well with us at Resia and give our customers confidence and added value.