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Jul 21 2013

Partner search from Central Denmark

Title of the project An early start on dual careers
Outline of the project idea There are many positive results from sports and physical activity ranging from disease prevention and better well being to social inclusion and integration of minorities. In order to make a life with elite sport desirable it is essential that other parts of the personal development of the young athletes are supported, so that they can have a dual career as active athletes as well as an education and job possibilities once their athlete career is finished.The Municipality of Holstebro, Denmark start this dual career from a very early age by supporting close cooperation between primary schools and sports organisations. A pilot project has established a model for sports organisations to function as after-school-centres until their parents can pick them up after work. This greatly increases physical activity among the children who choose this. It also creates a wider group of dedicated volunteers and more resources to the sports organisations for management and staff. The Municipality of Holstebro also has an elite sports program and cooperates with the national agency for promoting elite athletes and making dual careers for them possible.The two projects effectively start dual careers for athletes already in primary school with cooperation between sports organisations and schools from early age and continuing this into the adult life of the athletes with special educational programme for talented athletes and later help for managing a life of elite sport and a work.

The project Holstebro wants to make with at least 4 other European partners will be based on the above mentioned experiences and the experiences from other partners with sports projects working to support dual careers for athletes and good governance in sports.

Project activities will include:

–       Setting up a mobility programme for volunteers, staff, coaches and manager sharing on-the-job experiences in the field of good governance and dual careers.

–       Developing strategies for cooperation with society in order to support dual careers for athletes based on the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes.

–       Exchanging experiences and good practice on how to increase the skills and employability of athletes with a shared focus on primary school efforts to increase co-operational efforts between non-elite sport and elite sport.

–       Using the toolkit from the Sports 4 Governance Project to work on good governance.

Programme, call and dead line  The project will seek EU funding from the Call for Proposals DG EAC No EAC/S06/2012:
The project is aimed at priority area 1: Strengthening of good governance and dual careers in sport through support for the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers and staff of non-profit sport organisations
Application dead line: 19th of July. Expression of interest asap and no later than 5th of July.
Lead organisation and other partners Holstebro Kommune (http://www.holstebro.dk/Holstebro-welcomes-you-1561.aspx)Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations: http://www.dgi.dk/English.aspx
Partners the project is looking for Project partners could be:

  • Municipalities or regions – units responsible for physical activity and education
  • Non-profit Organisations or associations responsible for physical activity projects
    • Public educational institution working systematically with physical activity
Project duration Activities start in January 2014 and will last 18 months.
Expected budget  The total project budget will be around 300.000 euro of which 80 % will be co-financed by the EU. Partner financing can be done in working hours only and national sources of co-financing to the partner participation are allowed.
Contact information Mikael JensenProject managerNupark 51

7500 Holstebro

Tlf: +45 22 39 47 51


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