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Petroconstruct Group


Company’s activities are conducted on a large geographical area of the country, with a very wide scope in the field of construction, road infrastructure works (roads, bridges), steel and plastic pipeline networks, civil and industrial engineering, that require modern forms of organisation and technical equipment, materials and technological training, both at central level as well as at the level of the execution units directly, resulting in a higher quality level of the works.


img1During 1994 – 2004 periods, the group of companies held by Mr. Popescu Lazar activated mainly in the field of construction works and repair related to oil infrastructure, with a portfolio of achievements of over 250 km of oil pipelines and over 50 km of technological roads.
In parallel, an industrial production sector was developed, for concrete and asphalt mixtures production, as well as natural aggregates extraction and sorting.


img2The Company was founded in 2002 by acquiring from SNP PETROM RA the assets of SC
the company International Company of American Construction Import Export, company specialized in oil infrastructure works, with an extensive experience in the field, holding the facilities required for this type of activity (administrative headquarters and the mechanical base,
equipped with construction machinery, pipes insulation stations, etc.).

During the first phase (2002 – 2004 period), the company per se constituted, activated as S.C. Eurometal Construct S.R.L. – Bucharest branch, another construction company founded in 1994, by the owner and general manager, Mr. Popescu Lazar.


img3In 2004, S.C. Eurometal Construct S.R.L. associated with Lena Group – Portugal (one of the  international renowned companies in the construction field), changing its name in S.C. Lena
Eurometal Construct S.R.L., while S.C. Petroconstruct Group S.R.L. further operated as its “satellite” company.

Since 2005, S.C. Petroconstruct Group S.R.L. separated from Lena Eurometal and operates independently under the same name S.C. PETROCONSTRUCT GROUP SRL, and took over a significant part of the production capacity and personnel of the parent company.