Swedish Romanian Chamber of Commerce






Jun 29 2014

Press release: The first year with SWEDCHAM in just few words and numbers

For 14 months ago we opened the office in Bucharest.

On the 1st of April 2013 our office was opened for the public and members and we officially started our operations in Romania.

Looking back with pride we can see a number of major achievements giving our members and our team the feeling that united we can do more, that bridging the businesses is not a simple slogan but is a way of acting and achieving great results.

During this first year our members concluded business deals in excess of 60 000 000 EURO.

We have developed a network of businesses in Romania in Sweden not only concluding great business together but also enjoying the benefits offered mutually by the members to each other.

Our members are covering major segments of the economic life both in Sweden and Romania.

Our members are employing over 600 000 individuals creating an amazing network of welfare for their employees and their families.

The yearly turnover of our members is in excess of EURO 225 000 000.

Few words. Simple numbers. Great results!

Thank you all!


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