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May 23 2014

Pressrelease: New opportunities in the Romanian Biomass and Biogas sector



New opportunities in the Romanian Biomass and Biogas sector

On the 7th of May the Romanian Department of Energy published the first set of principles which will be the basis of the new national energy strategy for the period 2014 – 2035. For the first time, it is clearly stated that “in the period 2014 – 2024 Romania has to encourage the prudent development of renewable energy sources, with emphasis on Biomass”.

On June 18th the future of the Biomass and Biogas sector in Romania will be presented, during the Inauguration of the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas. This major event will be held in Bucharest, at Hilton hotel. Speakers who already confirmed are:

  • Mr. Daniel Constantin, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Mr. Eugen Teodorovici, Minister of European Funds

  • Mr. Mircea Geoana, High Representative of the Prime Minister for problems of Economy and Diplomacy & President of Aspen Institute Romania

  • Dr. Jan Štambaský, President of the European Biogas Association

  • Mr. Ludger Spohr, President of the European Industry of Pellet Suppliers

  • Mr. Dan Ioan Gheorghiu, Advisor of the Prime Minister, CEO & Chairman of ISPE

  • Mr. Emil Calota, Vice President of ANRE (National Regulator)

  • Mr. Mihai Herciu, General Director of the Management Authority for PNDR

It is an “Investor Oriented” event, responding to investors’ questions. Already 40+ investors and 10+ municipalities have confirmed their presence.

The participants will receive answers to their questions and the Impact Study that ARBIO has prepared, regarding the results of Biomass implementation in Romania, plus more informative material.

What does the Government’s decision mean for the Biomass sector

By prioritizing the Biomass sector, the Romanian government prepares the ground for the solid, sustainable development of Biomass and Biogas in Romania, avoiding the mistakes of the past. This approach is similar to the one of the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas, which considers Biomass and Pellets, Biogas, Waste to Energy, Anaerobic Digestion, Geothermal etc. as the solution to the serious Cogeneration and Environment challenges that Romania is facing nowadays.

Available raw material and problems that require solutions

Some facts can explain more. The country has the necessary raw material sources:

  • Romania benefits of 14 mil. Hectares of agricultural land

  • 7 mil hectares of forests exist as well

  • Also 0,5 mil hectares of non-productive land are suitable for the cultivation of energy crops

  • Circa 4 million tons of urban waste is produced annually, 189 kg / capita

 In the same time:

  • More than 50% of the Romanian cities need to invest in their inefficient district heating Combined Heat & Power (CHP) units

  • There are also 101 issues regarding waste management at municipal level that have to be resolved before the term given by EC expires

  • Also tens of Romanian companies (especially exporters) have to comply to EU standards regarding waste management.

  • Very serious amounts of EU Grants will be allocated in different national programs so as to stimulate investments in Biomass, Biogas, Pellets etc.

The Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas (ARBIO) considers that the solution for all the above is the implementation of different Biomass / Biogas / WtE / Anaerobic Digestion projects, with priority to Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

 In order to secure the sustainability of the income, ARBIO has elaborated well argumented proposals which:

  • Take into consideration the Department of Energy’s suggestion for contracts of price difference;

  • Sustain the Feed in Tariff scheme, sent to European Commission by ANRE, the Romanian Regulator;

  • Propose a revolutionary “market driven” solution without green certificates

The Romanian Biomass and Biogas sector will offer new opportunities to investors, creating a market of at least 500 million Euros for the years to come.

For more information: office@arbio.ro or +40 21 308 62 71



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