Swedish Romanian Chamber of Commerce


Jul 17 2014

SWEDCHAM has entered into a partnership with the CNPR – The Romanian Employers’ Confederation.

Bucharest July 14, 2014

Press Release

On July 14 2014, SWEDCHAM has entered into a partnership with the CNPR – The Romanian Employers’ Confederation.

The CEO of the Romanian Employers’ Confederation, Mr. Alexandru Bojan and SWEDCHAM’s founder, Mr. Julian Rosengren signed the partnership agreement.

Aimed to enrich and enlarge the wide opportunities already offered to the members of the two organizations, the partnership will create new openings ready to be accessed by our members.

All the 6513 companies, members of the Romanian Employers’ Confederation will be offered membership in SWEDCHAM and access to all the opportunities currently available only to the members of SWEDCHAM.

New business channels and opportunities for the members of the two organizations will result and the turnover of the transactions between companies in the two countries will increase.

SWEDCHAM and the Romanian Employers’ Confederation will create and develop common projects aimed to result in benefits for their members who periodically will be updated with news and business opportunities.

The organizations will offer access to a new Business-to-Business platform, CHAMBERTRADE, developed and maintained by SWEDCHAM, capable to offer access to sophisticated information about companies, products, services and new opportunities available to members of our organizations.
With probably the most accurate database of Swedish and Romanian companies, CHAMBERTRADE will become a dynamic tool for the development of new businesses.

Welcome to SWEDCHAM and the Romanian Employers’ Confederation!



Feb 20 2014

SWEDCHAM has formed a new partnership with KOMPASS ROMANIA SRL

BUCHAREST 20th of February 2014


SWEDCHAM is pleased to announce that is has entered into a partnership with Kompass Romania SRL, the Romanian representative of Kompass the world leader in delivering business information to companies in over 70 countries around the world.

Today the 20th of February 2014 it has been signed in Bucharest, the partnership agreement between SWEDCHAM and Kompass Romania SRL.

The new formed partnership will add high value services to companies and businesses in Romania and Sweden, increasing the wide opportunities and services offered to the existing members of SWEDCHAM and to the customers of Kompass Romania SRL.

The Partnership will provide members and customers of the parties with new opportunities in the covered area of services and business.

This will results in new opportunities for suppliers and buyers of services and products in the covered countries.

The Partnership will offer among other services access to the B2B services of Kompass Romania SRL and will develop and launch new products and opportunities for SWEDCHAM’s members as well as for existing and new customers of Kompass Romania.


For Kompass Romania SRL

Homepage: http://www.kompass.ro/ro/home/

Email: office (at) kompass.ro


Email: info (at) swedcham.org