About Us

Vitamin Well

Vitamin Well started in 2006 with the aim of broadening the range of beverages available in Scandinavia. Up until then, there had been a noticeable lack of modern alternatives to sodas and sugary juices by contrast with both the US and Asian markets where there where many drinks that were less sweet and contained healthy ingredients such as tea extracts, vitamins and minerals.


Having failed to find a beverage that tasted good, was less sweet than existing products and contained enough beneficial nutrients we decided to develop a drink that was completely new in everything from taste and ingredients to the design- a drink the way we wanted it.

With the scientific help of experts on the body´s metabolism, we learnt about the various nutrients and their functions, and continued to develop our flavours and design a bottle that we liked.

In May 2008, one and a half years after starting out, we were ready, and our first three products were launched in Swedish pharmacies. Today, over 4 years and 40 million bottles later, it is clear to us that we were not alone in desiring better options in the drinks department.

We are a Swedish company and all production and development takes place in Sweden. Vitamin Well is a challenger and we remain driven by the same dedication and innovation as we started out with. We always strive to develop better, smarter and tastier drinks for the Nordic countries and now for the rest of Europe also.

To date, we have launched six vitamin drinks, four vitamin drinks sweetened with stevia and four sparkling water, all enhanced with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin Well’s products are sold at more than 6000 retailers in Sweden. We currently export to Denmark, Norway, Italy, Holland and Finland and we will soon be up and running in even more countries. We are proud of our product range and hope that you will enjoy them as well.